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Engineered Unfinished Santos Mahogany

santos mahogany hardwood flooring

Santos Mahogany after finishing

DescriptionSKUMfgConstructionTWLSq Ft/BundlePrice/Sq FtPrice/BundleOrder BundleOrder Samples
Engineered, Unfinished, Santos Mahogany Select GradeLMRW314SMHREALWOOD FLOORS1 Strip5/8"3 1/4"RL22.5$5.24$117.90 See below
Engineered, Unfinished, Santos Mahogany Select GradeLMRW4SMHREALWOOD FLOORS1 Strip5/8"4"RL18.4$5.37$98.81 See below
Engineered, Unfinished, Santos Mahogany Select GradeLMRW5SMHREALWOOD FLOORS1 Strip5/8"5"RL23$5.62$129.26 See below
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For information about wood grades, see the guide to wood grades