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Unfinished Beech Flooring

Modern and refreshing. It will create an elegant and luxurious setting wherever you use it.

The sapwood is white with a red tinge, while the heartwood is light to dark reddish brown. The wood is generally straight-grained with a close uniform texture. Beech works readily with most hand and machine tools. It has good nailing and gluing properties and can be stained to a good finish. Beech is classed as heavy, hard, strong, high in resistance to shock and highly suitable for steam bending. Good resistance to abrasive wear.

For information about wood grades, see the guide to wood grades
DescriptionSKUMfgTWLSq Ft/BundlePrice/Sq FtPrice/BundleOrder BundleOrder Samples
BEECH FACTORY GRADETGLB2142CCBLES BOIS DE PARQUET VAUCLUSE3/4"2 1/4"10"-84"20$2.67$53.40 See below
BEECH FACTORY GRADETGLB3142CCBLES BOIS DE PARQUET VAUCLUSE3/4"3 1/4"10"-84"20$2.67$53.40 See below
BEECH FACTORY GRADETGLB4142CCBLES BOIS DE PARQUET VAUCLUSE3/4"4 1/4"10"-84"20$2.86$57.20 See below
BEECH RUSTIC GRADETGLB214RCBLES BOIS DE PARQUET VAUCLUSE3/4"2 1/4"10"-84"20$1.73$34.60 See below
BEECH RUSTIC GRADETGLB314RCBLES BOIS DE PARQUET VAUCLUSE3/4"3 1/4"10"-84"20$1.73$34.60 See below
BEECH RUSTIC GRADETGLB414RCBLES BOIS DE PARQUET VAUCLUSE3/4"4 1/4"10"-84"20$1.98$39.60 See below
BEECH SELECT & BETTERTGLB214SCBLES BOIS DE PARQUET VAUCLUSE3/4"2 1/4"10"-84"20$3.35$67.00 See below
BEECH SELECT & BETTERTGLB314SCBELES BOIS DE PARQUET VAUCLUSE3/4"3 1/4"10"-84"20$3.45$69.00 See below
BEECH SELECT & BETTERTGLB414SCBLES BOIS DE PARQUET VAUCLUSE3/4"4 1/4" 10"-84"20$3.70$74.00 See below
BEECH VOGUE GRADETGLB214VCBLES BOIS DE PARQUET VAUCLUSE3/4"2 1/4"10"-84"20$3.06$61.20 See below
BEECH VOGUE GRADETGLB314VCBLES BOIS DE PARQUET VAUCLUSE3/4"3 1/4"10"-84"20$3.11$62.20 See below
BEECH VOGUE GRADETGLB414VCBLES BOIS DE PARQUET VAUCLUSE3/4"4 1/4"10"-84"20$3.31$66.20 See below
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