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Engineered Prefinished Merbau Flooring

merbau wood floor picture
Has a durability that most timbers can't match. Its beauty complements most furnishings and designs.

Merbau is medium brown colored wood with reddish-orange highlights with a course graining. Many pieces exhibit yellow "flecking" in the pores. Merbau comes in a fairly wide range of color variability, from light browns to medium browns to dark browns.

For information about wood grades, see the guide to wood grades
DescriptionSKU (needed for sample orders)MfgFinish ColorConstructionTWLSq Ft/BundlePrice/Sq FtPrice/BundleOrder BundleOrder Samples
Engineered, Pre-Finished Smooth, Coffee Color Stained Merbau Clear Grade LMARK434MRBCARK FLOORSCoffee1 Strip1/2"4 3/4"RL28.1$3.90$109.59 See below
Engineered 3 Strip Longstrip, Pre-Finished Merbau Clear Grade Natural LMFTE916C3MRBFORESTRY TIMBERNatural3 Strip9/16" 7 1/2"72"22.37$2.99$66.89 See below
Engineered 1 Strip, Pre0Finished Smooth, Merbau Clear Grade NaturalLMFTE916MRBFORESTRY TIMBERNatural1 Strip9/16" 5 12"72"16.45$4.90$80.61 See below
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